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Social Computing

IBM Research – Tokyo has been working the following projects mainly in social computing research.

Next-Generation Online Discussion System

The existing online discussion systems supports one-way conversation from presenters to audiences but it does not support interactive collaboration well. Discussion in the systems are often scattered and disconnected, and it can be hard to get a sense of what's going on and where to contribute.

In this project, we overcome challenges with existing discussion system and support important business decisions to realize any types of interactive meetings, such as brainstorming, remote medical care, distance learning, and so on by using the Web-based office editor and combining novel user experience design, analytics and visualization.

Crowd Card

Crowd Card is a tool which digs up valuable knowledge hoarded in Enterprise SNS or file servers and allows employees to recognize those values by showing them widely. Crowd Card can analyze a wide range of information sources and automatically uses your employees’ interests and current task context for recommendations on a card-style small window. Our approach also integrates gamifcation features that help encourage employees in virtually disseminating the knowledge in their spare time. We are focusing on card recommendation technology and user interface technology in this project.