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India Systems Development Lab, Bangalore, India


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  Cognitive Science Society  |  IEEE   |  IEEE Council on EDA  |  The Association for Natural Language Processing


Physical Aware Logic Difference Extraction and Placement for ECO Synthesis
Sridhar Rangarajan, George Antony Shyam Ramji, Nitin Chandrachoodan
ASP DAC, 2016


IBM z13 Circuit Design and Methodology
James. Warnock, Chris. Berry, Sridhar Rangarajan et. Al
IBM J. Res. & Dev, 2015


Tutorial T3B: Engineering Change Order (ECO) Phase Challenges and Methodologies for High Performance Design
Rangarajan, Sridhar and Chakrabarti, Pinaki and Sahais, Sourav and Datta, Ayan and Subramanya, Adarsh
2014 27th International Conference on VLSI Design and 2014 13th International Conference on Embedded Systems, pp. 7--8


A faster hierarchical balanced bipartitioner for VLSI floorplans using monotone staircase cuts
Kar, Bapi and Sur-Kolay, Susmita and Rangarajan, Sridhar H and Mandal, Chittaranjan R
Progress in VLSI Design and Test, pp. 327--336, Springer, 2012