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Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Color-based Cache Monitoring
David F Bacon, Orran Krieger, Xiaowei Shen, Robert Wisniewski
Patent 07895392
Techniques for providing information to run-time systems about cache traffic on a multiprocessor


Computer program instruction architecture, system and process using partial ordering for adaptive response to memory latencies
David F Bacon, Xiaowei Shen
Patent 7516306
Instruction set extensions for programmatic response to cache misses.

Method and Apparatus for Dynamic Incremental Defragmentation of Memory
David F Bacon, Perry Cheng, V T Rajan
Patent 07519639
Incremental defragmentation in the Metronome allows the construction of a collector that is able to move objects but usually only moves a few percent of the total objects on each collection.


A Serially Reusable Virtual Machine
David F Bacon, Robert Berry, Rajesh Bordawekar, Donna Dillenberger, Beth Hutchison, S Paice, D Schmidt, M Trotter, A Webb, E West
Patent 7263700
A technique for efficiently reusing a virtual machine context in a transactional environment so that every transaction sees a ``clean'' virtual machine. The basis of IBM's Shiraz virtual machine.

Concurrent Collection of Cyclic Garbage in Reference Counting Systems
David F Bacon, V T Rajan
Patent 7216136
An algorithm for concurrently collecting cyclic garbage in linear time.


Method for Detection of Unused Cyclic Data Structures in Linear Time
David F Bacon
Patent 6879991
An algorithm for collecting cyclic garbage in linear time.


Method to Provide Concurrency Control over Objects Without Atomic Operations on Non-Shared Objects
David F Bacon, Stephen J Fink
Patent 6772153
A lazy locking protocol that normally avoids any global synchronization when most potentially shared objects are in fact only locked by one thread.


Removal of Unreachable Methods in Object-oriented Applications Based on Program Interface Analysis
David F Bacon, Chris Laffra, Peter Sweeney, Frank Tip
Patent 6654951
Rapid Type Analysis for incomplete programs using interface specifications -- a variation of the algorithm from my Ph.D. thesis


Method for Determining Reachable Methods in Object-Oriented Applications that use Class Libraries
David F Bacon, Chris Laffra, Peter Sweeney, Frank Tip
Patent 6463581
Rapid Type Analysis for incomplete programs -- a variation of the algorithm from my Ph.D. thesis


Locking and Unlocking Mechanism for Controlling Concurrent Access to Objects
David F Bacon
Patent 6247025
Fast nested locking technology developed for Java, known as ``Thin Locks'' or ``Bacon Bits''


Object-Oriented Dispatch Optimization
David F Bacon, Mark N Wegman, Kenneth F Zadeck
Patent 6041179
Method for converting virtual to statically-dispatched calls in object oriented languages. This technique is generally known as Rapid Type Analysis (RTA).