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Research Staff Member, Advanced Database Solutions (K55G)
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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Professional Associations:  ACM SIGMOD


Go Server Go: Parallel Computing with Moving Servers
Ronald Barber, Guy M. Lohman, Rene Mueller, Ippokratis Pandis, Vijayshankar Raman, Winfried Wilcke
SoCC, 2013

Toward Scalable Transaction Processing - Evolution of Shore-MT
Anastasia Ailamaki, Ryan Johnson, Ippokratis Pandis, Pinar Tozun
PVLDB6, 2013

Next Generation Data Analytics at IBM Research
Oktie Hassanzadeh, Anastasios Kementsietsidis, Benny Kimelfeld, Rajasekar Krishnamurthy, Fatma Ozcan, Ippokratis Pandis
PVLDB 6(11), 1174-1175, VLDB Endowment, 2013

DB2 with BLU Acceleration: So Much More than Just a Column Store
Vijayshankar Raman, Gopi K. Attaluri, Ronald Barber, Naresh Chainani, David Kalmuk, Vincent KulandaiSamy, Jens Leenstra, Sam Lightstone, Shaorong Liu, Guy M. Lohman, Tim Malkemus, Ren\'{e} M\"{u}ller, Ippokratis Pandis, Berni Schiefer, David Sharpe, Richa
PVLDB 6(11), 1080--1091, 2013

Eliminating unscalable communication in transaction processing
Ryan Johnson, Ippokratis Pandis, Anastasia Ailamaki
The VLDB Journal, 2013

From A to E: Analyzing TPC's OLTP Benchmarks - The obsolete, the ubiquitous, the unexplored
Pinar Tozun, Ippokratis Pandis, Cansu Kaynak, Djordje Jevdjic, Anastasia Ailamaki
EDBT, 2013

The need for NUMA-aware algorithms: the case of data shuffling.
Yinan Li, Ippokratis Pandis, Rene Mueller, Vijayshankar Raman, Guy Lohman
CIDR, 2013

The bionic DBMS is coming, but what will it look like?
Ryan Johnson, Ippokratis Pandis
CIDR, 2013


Business Analytics in (a) Blink
Ronald Barber, Peter Bendel, Marco Czech, Oliver Draese, Frederick Ho, Namik Hrle, Stratos Idreos, Min-Soo Kim, Oliver Koeth, Jae-Gil Lee, Tianchao Tim Li, Guy Lohman, Konstantinos Morfonios, Rene Mueller
IEEE Data Eng. Bull. 35(1), 9--14, 2012

Scalable and dynamically balanced shared-everything OLTP with physiological partitioning
Pinar Tozun, Ippokratis Pandis, Ryan Johnson, Anastasia Ailamaki
The VLDB Journal, 2012

OLTP on hardware islands
Danica Porobic, Ippokratis Pandis, Miguel Branco, Pinar Tozun, Anastasia Ailamaki
PVLDB, 2012

Scalability of write-ahead logging on multicore and multisocket hardware
Ryan Johnson, Ippokratis Pandis, Radu Stoica, Manos Athanassoulis, Anastasia Ailamaki
The VLDB Journal 21(2), 239--263, Springer, 2012


PLP: page latch-free shared-everything OLTP
Ippokratis Pandis, Pinar Tozun, Ryan Johnson, Anastasia Ailamaki
Proceeding of The VLDB Endowment 4(10), 2011

TPC-E vs. TPC-C: characterizing the new TPC-E benchmark via an I/O comparison study
Shimin Chen, Anastasia Ailamaki, Manos Athanassoulis, Phillip B Gibbons, Ryan Johnson, Ippokratis Pandis, Radu Stoica
Sigmod Record39, 5--10, 2011

A Data-oriented Transaction Execution Engine and Supporting Tools
Ippokratis Pandis, Pinar Tozun, Miguel Branco, Dimitris Karampinas, Danica Porobic, Ryan Johnson, Anastasia Ailamaki
SIGMOD, 2011


Aether: a scalable approach to logging
Ryan Johnson, Ippokratis Pandis, Radu Stoica, Manos Athanassoulis, Anastasia Ailamaki
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment 3(1-2), 681--692, VLDB Endowment, 2010

Data-Oriented Transaction Execution
Ippokratis Pandis, Ryan Johnson, Nikos Hardavellas, Anastasia Ailamaki
Proceedings of The VLDB Endowment3, 928--939, 2010


Improving OLTP Scalability using Speculative Lock Inheritance
Ryan Johnson, Ippokratis Pandis, Anastasia Ailamaki
Proceedings of The VLDB Endowment2, 479--489, 2009

Shore-MT: a scalable storage manager for the multicore era
Ryan Johnson, Ippokratis Pandis, Nikos Hardavellas, Anastasia Ailamaki, Babak Falsafi
EDBT, pp. 24--35, 2009


Critical sections: re-emerging scalability concerns for database storage engines
Ryan Johnson, Ippokratis Pandis, Anastasia Ailamaki
DaMoN, pp. 35--40, 2008


Semantic web technologies for ubiquitous computing resource management in smart spaces
John Soldatos, Kostas Stamatis, Siamak Azodolmolky, Ippokratis Pandis, Lazaros Polymenakos
International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology3, 353--373, 2007

Agent based middleware infrastructure for autonomous context-aware ubiquitous computing services
John Soldatos, Ippokratis Pandis, Kostas Stamatis, Lazaros Polymenakos, James L Crowley
Computer Communications30, 577--591, 2007

To Share or Not To Share?
Ryan Johnson, Nikos Hardavellas, Ippokratis Pandis, Naju Mancheril, Stavros Harizopoulos, Kivanc Sabirli, Anastassia Ailamaki, Babak Falsafi
VLDB, pp. 351--362, 2007

Database Servers on Chip Multiprocessors: Limitations and Opportunities
Nikos Hardavellas, Ippokratis Pandis, Ryan Johnson, Naju Mancheril, Anastassia Ailamaki, Babak Falsafi
CIDR, pp. 79--87, 2007

An Analysis of Database System Performance on Chip Multiprocessors
Nikos Hardavellas, Ippokratis Pandis, Ryan Johnson, Naju G Mancheril, Stavros HarizopoulosH, Anastasia Ailamaki, Babak Falsafi
HDMS, 2007


Simultaneous Pipelining in QPipe: Exploiting Work Sharing Opportunities Across Queries
Kun Gao, Stavros Harizopoulos, Ippokratis Pandis, Vladislav Shkapenyuk, Anastassia Ailamaki
ICDE, 2006


An Ontology-based Framework for Dynamic Resource Management in Ubiquitous Computing Environments
Ippokratis Pandis, John Soldatos, Alexander Paar, Jurgen Reuter, Michael Carras, Lazaros Polymenakos
ICESS, pp. 195--203, 2005

Semantically annotated hypermedia services
Ippokratis Pandis, Nikos Karousos, Thanassis Tiropanis
ACM Hypertext, pp. 245--247, 2005


Increasing the usage of open hypermedia systems: a developer-side approach
Nikos Karousos, Manolis Tzagarakis, Ippokratis Pandis
ACM Hypertext, pp. 148--149, 2003

Developer Support in Open Hypermedia Systems: Towards a Hypermedia Service Discovery Mechanism
Nikos Karousos, Ippokratis Pandis
Structural Computing / Metainformatics, pp. 89--99, 2003

Offering open hypermedia services to the WWW: a step-by-step approach for developers
Nikos Karousos, Ippokratis Pandis, Siegfried Reich, Manolis Tzagarakis
WWW, pp. 482--489, 2003


Babylon Bookmarks: A Taxonomic Approach to the Management of WWW Bookmarks
Nikos Karousos, Ioannis Panaretou, Ippokratis Pandis, Manolis Tzagarakis
Structural Computing / Metainformatics, pp. 42--48, 2002