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RSM - Ontology, Semantic Web
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



An overview of OntoClean
N Guarino, C A Welty
Handbook on ontologies, 201--220, Springer, 2009


1 Introduction Supporting Ontological Analysis of Taxonomic Relationships
C Welty, N Guarino


Scalable cleanup of information extraction data using ontologies
J Dolby, J Fan, A Fokoue, A Kalyanpur, A Kershenbaum, L Ma, JW Murdock, K Srinivas, C Welty
Proceedings of the 6th international The semantic web and 2nd Asian conference on Asian semantic web conference, pp. 100--113, Springer, 2007

OWL: a Description Logic Based Ontology Language for the Semantic Web
I Horrocks
Schneider, DL McGuinness... - The Description Logic ..., 2007


Semantic Web: The Story of the RIFt so Far
C Welty
Logic Programming, 2--2, Springer, 2006

Towards knowledge acquisition from information extraction
C Welty, J Murdock
The Semantic Web-ISWC 2006, 709--722, Springer

OntOWLClean: Cleaning OWL ontologies with OWL
Chris Welty
Proceeding of the 2006 conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference (FOIS 2006), pp. 347--359, IOS Press

Obtaining Formal Knowledge from Informal Text Analysis
J W Murdock, C Welty
IBM Research Report RC23961, 2006

Coreference resolution on RDF Graphs generated from Information Extraction: first results
M Yatskevich, C Welty, JW Murdock
ISWC'06 Workshop on Web Content Mining with Human Language Technologies, 2006

A view of OWL from the field: Use cases and experiences
A Kershenbaum, A Fokoue, C Patel, C Welty, E Schonberg, J Cimino, L Ma, K Srinivas, R Schloss, J W Murdock
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Ontology-driven conceptual modeling
C Welty
Advanced Information Systems Engineering, pp. 3--3, 2006

Towards an Interoperability Standard for Text and Multi-Modal Analytics
David Ferrucci, Adam Lally, Daniel Gruhl, Edward Epstein, Marshall Schor, J. William Murdock, Andy Frenkiel, Eric W. Brown, Thomas Hampp, Yurdaer Doganata, Christopher Welty, Lisa Amini, Galina Kofman, Lev Kozakov, Yosi Mass
IBM Research Report RC24122, 2006

A reusable ontology for fluents in OWL
C Welty, R Fikes
Formal Ontology in Information Systems: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference (FOIS 2006), pp. 226--336


A Reusable Ontology for Fluents in OWL. IBM Research Report, RC23755 (W0510-142)
C Welty, R Fikes, S Makarios
2005 - October, October

Encoding Extraction as Inferences
JW Murdock, PP Da Silva, D Ferrucci, C Welty, DL McGuinness
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Tracking information extraction from intelligence documents
Christopher Welty, J. William Murdock, Paulo Pinheiro da Silva, Deborah McGuinness, and David Ferrucci
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Towards ontoclean 2.0: A framework for rigidity
C Welty, W Andersen
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A Multi-Strategy, Multi-Question Approach to Question Answering
J.M. Prager, J. Chu-Carroll, and K. Czuba
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Why Evaluate Ontology Technologies? Because It Works!
York Sure, Gomez-Perez Gomez-Perez, Walter Daelemans, Marie-Laure Reinberger, Nicola Guarino, Natalya F Noy
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Evaluating ontology cleaning
C Welty, R Mahindru, J Chu-Carroll
Proceedings of the National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, pp. 311--316, 2004


A Multi-Strategy and Multi-Source Approach to Question Answering
J. Chu-Carroll, J Prager, C Welty, K Czuba, D Ferrucci
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In question answering, two heads are better than one
J Chu-Carroll, K Czuba, J Prager, A Ittycheriah
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The Semantics of Multiple Annotations
C Welty, JW Murdock
Research Report RC22979, IBM, 2003

Guest editorial: ontology research
Christopher Welty
AI Mag.24, 11--12, American Association for Artificial Intelligence, 2003

Hybridization in question answering systems
J Chu-Carroll, D Ferrucci, J Prager, C Welty
Working Notes of the AAAI Spring Symposium on New Directions, pp. 116--121, 2003

The description logic handbook
Ian Horrocks, Deborah L McGuinness, Christopher A Welty
The description logic ..., 2003 -, Cambridge University Press

J Prager, J Chu-Carroll, K Czuba, C Welty, A Ittycheriah, R Mahindru
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Ontology research
C Welty
AI Magazine 24(3), 11, 2003


Ontology Applications and Design-Evaluating Ontological Decisions with OntoClean
N Guarino, C Welty
Communications of the ACM-Association for Computing Machinery-CACM 45(2), 61--66, [New York]: Association for Computing Machinery, 1959-, 2002

Towards an epistemology for software representations
C A Welty
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A formal ontology for re-use of software architecture documents
C A Welty, D A Ferrucci
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A multi-strategy and multi-source approach to question answering
J Chu-Carroll, J Prager, C Welty, K Czuba, D Ferrucci
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806 Intraspinal and Systemic Stem Cell Transplantation Delays Onset, Improves Survival in Transgenic Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Mice
S N Kalkanis, J Dreibelbis, C Welty, J Haque, W Doucette, R Chen, N Ende, M Cudkowicz, R H Brown Jr
Neurosurgery 49(2), 538, 2001

Backtracking: the demise of \“!\”
Christopher Welty
Intelligence12, 56--, ACM, 2001

Formal Ontology and Information Systems
B Smith, C Welty
2001 - ACM Press, ACM Press

Ontology: Towards a new synthesis
B Smith, C Welty
Formal Ontology in Information Systems, 2001

Supporting ontological analysis of taxonomic relationships
N Guarino, C Welty
Data and Knowledge Engineering 39(1), 51--74, Elsevier, 2001

Evaluating Ontological Decisions with OntoClean
C Welty, N Guarino
Communications of the ACM45, 61--65, ACM, 2001


International Workshop on Conceptual Modeling Approaches for E-Business (eCOMO2000)-Modeling Approaches-Towards Ontology-Based Harmonization of Web Content Standards
N Guarino, C Welty, C Partridge
Lecture Notes in Computer Science1921, 1--6, Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 1973-, 2000

Towards a semantics for the web
C Welty
Vassar College, Citeseer, 2000

Untangle: a new ontology for card catalog systems
C Welty, J Jenkins

Towards Ontology-based harmonization of Web content standards
N Guarino, C Welty, C Partridge
Proceedings of the ECOOP-2000 Workshop on Model Engineering, pp. 1--6, Springer

Ontological analysis of taxonomic relationships
Nicola Guarino, Christopher Welty
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A formal ontology of properties
N Guarino, C Welty†
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Abstract Formal ontology for subject
C A Welty, J Jenkins
1999 - Citeseer, Citeseer

intelligence Volume 10 Issue 3
C Welty, L J Hoebel
1999 -, ACM

Instances and classes in software engineering
Christopher A Welty, David A Ferrucci
Intelligence10, 24--28, ACM, 1999

A Formal Ontology for Re-Use of
C A Welty, D A Ferrucci
Proceedings, pp. 259, Elsevier, 1999

Using the Right Tools: Enhancing retrieval from marked-up
C Welty, N Ide
Computers and the Humanities 33(1), 59--84, Springer, 1999


Christopher A. Welty
C A Welty

ACM SIGART Bulletin Volume 9 Issue 1
C Welty
1998 -, ACM

Teaching Bottom-Up AI From the Top Down
C Welty, K Livingston, C Martin, J Hamilton, C Rugger
Proceedings of the Eleventh International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference, pp. 24--28, 1998

Eleventh Knowledge-based Software Engineering Conference
C A Welty
1998 - Kluwer, Kluwer

Desert Island Column
C A Welty
Automated Software Engineering 5(4), 465--469, Springer, 1998

Towards an Ontology for Library Modalities
C A Welty
1998 -

Dls for dls: Description logics for digital libraries
C A Welty
In Proceedings of the 1998 International Workshop for Description Logics

The ontological nature of subject taxonomies
C Welty
Formal Ontology in Information Systems. IOS Press (this volume), Citeseer, 1998


Artificial intelligence and software engineering: breaking the toy mold
C A Welty, P G Selfridge
Automated Software Engineering 4(3), 255--270, Springer, 1997

Augmenting abstract syntax trees for program understanding
C A Welty
12th IEEE International Conference Automated Software Engineering, 1997, pp. 126--133


Intelligent assistance for navigating the web
C Welty
Proceedings of the 1996 Florida AI Research Symposium


An integrated representation for software development and discovery
C A Welty
1995 -, UMI, Ann Arbor, Mich.


A knowledge-based email distribution system
C Welty
Proceedings of the 1994 Florida AI Research Symposium

Year Unknown

Introduction Evaluating Ontological Analysis
C A Welty, R Mahindru, J Chu-carroll
Citeseer, Citeseer, 0

An HTML interface for Classic
C Welty
Proceedings of the 1996 International Workshop on Description Logics, 0

What’s in an instance
C A Welty, D A Ferrucci
Techn. Ber, Citeseer, 0

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