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Heike E. Riel
IBM Fellow, Manager Materials Integration & Nanoscale Devices (MIND)
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


Vertical III-V Nanowire Device Integration on Si(100)

M. Borg, H. Schmid, K. E. Moselund, G. Signorello, L. Gignac, J. Bruley, C. Breslin, P. Das Kanungo, P. Werner, H. Riel
Nano Letters 14(4), 1914, 2014

Using the Seebeck coefficient to determine charge carrier concentration, mobility, and relaxation time in InAs nanowires

V. Schmidt, P. F. J. Mensch, S. F. Karg, B. Gotsmann, P. Das Kanungo, H. Schmid, and H. Riel
Applied Physics Letters104, 012113, 2014

Nanoelectrical Imaging of Graphene in Liquids Materials Today

P. N. Nirmalraj, H. Riel
Materials Today, accepted, including cover picture, 2014

Inducing a Direct-to-Pseudodirect Bandgap Transition in Wurtzite GaAs Nanowires with Uniaxial Stress

G. Signorello, E. Lörtscher, P. A. Khomyakov, S. Karg, D. L. Dheeraj, B. Gotsmann, H. Weman, H. Riel
Nature Communications5, 3655, 2014


An innovative band-to-band tunneling analytical model and implications in compact modeling of tunneling-based devices

L. De Michielis, N. Dagtekin, A. Biswas, L. Lattanzio, L. Selmi, M. Luisier, H. Riel, A. M. Ionescu
Applied Physics Letters103, 123509, 2013

Thermal Transport across Graphene in Nanoscopic Contacts

F. Menges, H. Riel, A. Stemmer, C. Dimitrakopoulos, B. Gotsmann
Physical Review Letters 111(20), 205901, APS, 2013

Tuning the Light Emission from GaAs Nanowires over 290 meV with Uniaxial Strain

Giorgio Signorello, Siegfried Karg, Mikael T. Björk, Bernd Gotsmann, and Heike Riel
Nano Lett., 13(3), 917-924, ACS Publications, 2013

In situ doping of catalyst-free InAs nanowires

H. Ghoneim, P. Mensch, H. Schmid, C. D Bessire, R. Rhyner, A. Schenk, C. Rettner, S. Karg, K. E Moselund, H. Riel, M. T Björk
Nanotechnology 23(50), 505708, IOP Publishing, 2013

Bonding and Electronic Transport Properties of Fullerene and Fullerene Derivatives in Break-Junction Geometries

E. Lörtscher, V. Geskin, B. Gotsmann, J. Fock, J. K. Sørensen, T. Bjørnholm, J. Cornil, H. S. J. van der Zant, H. Riel
Small 9(2), 209-214, 2013

Measurement of Thermoelectric Properties of Single Semiconductor Nanowires

S. Karg, P. Mensch, H. Schmid, P. Das Kanungo, H. Ghoneim, V. Schmidt, M. Björk, V. Troncale, H. Riel
Journal of Electronic Materials 42(7), 2409-2414, 2013

Interface State Density of Single Vertical Nanowire MOS Capacitors

P. Mensch, K. E. Moselund, S. Karg, E. Lörtscher, M. T. Björk, H. Riel
IEEE Transactions of Nanotechnology 12(3), 279, 2013

Nanoscale Origin of Defects at Metal/Molecule Engineered Interfaces

P. N. Nirmalraj, H. Schmid, B. Gotsmann, H. Riel
Langmuir 29(5), 1340-1345, 2013

Tuning the Light Emission from GaAs Nanowires over 290 meV with Uniaxial Strain

G. Signorello, S. Karg, M. T. Björk, B. Gotsmann, H. Riel
Nano Letters13, 917, 2013

Comparison of Be-doped GaAs nanowires grown by Au- and Ga-assisted molecular beam epitaxy

D.L. Dheeraj, A.M. Munshi, O.M. Christoffersen, D.C. Kim, G. Signorello, H. Riel, A.T.J. van Helvoort, H. Weman, B.O. Fimland
Journal of Crystal Growth378, 532-536, 2013

Selective Area Growth of III-V Nanowires on Silicon in a Nanotube Template: Towards Monolithic Integration of Nano-Devices

P. Das Kanungo, H. Schmid, M. T. Björk, L. M. Gignac, C. Breslin, J. Bruley, C. D. Bessire and H. Riel
Nanotechnology 24(22), 225304, 2013

Tunneling and Occupancy Probabilities: How Do They Affect Tunnel-FET Behaviour?

L. De Michielis, L. Lattanzio, K. Moselund, H. Riel, and A. M. Ionescu
IEEE Electron Device Letters 34(6), 726, 2013

Electrical and Thermoelectrical Properties of Gated InAs Nanowires

P. Mensch, S. Karg, B. Gotsmann, P. Das Kanungo, V. Schmidt, V. Troncale, H. Schmid and H. Riel
accepted ESSDERC, 2013

Heat dissipation and thermometry in nanosystems: When interfaces dominate

B. Gotsmann, F. Menges, S. Karg, V. Troncale, M. Lantz, P. Mensch, H. Schmid, P. Das Kanungo, U. Drechsler, V. Schmidt, M. Tschudy, A. Stemmer, and H. Riel
Proc. IEEE Device Research Conference, pp. 231-232, 2013

Deterministic assembly of linear gold nanorod chains as a platform for nanoscale applications

A. Rey, G. Billardon, E. Loertscher, K. Moth-Poulsen, N. Stuhr-Hansen, H. Wolf, T. Bjørnholm, A.Stemmer, H. Riel
Nanoscale 5(18), 8680-8688, 2013


Transport Properties of a Single-Molecule Diode

E. Lörtscher, B. Gotsmann, Y. Lee, L. Yu, C. Rettner, H. Riel
ACS Nano 6(6), 4931-4939, 2012

InAs–Si Nanowire Heterojunction Tunnel FETs

K. E. Moselund, H. Schmid, C. Bessire, M. T. Björk, H. Ghoneim, H. Riel
IEEE Electron Device Letters 33(10), 1453-1455, 2012

InAs–Si Heterojunction Nanowire Tunnel Diodes and Tunnel FETs

H. Riel, K. E. Moselund, C. Bessire, M. T. Björk, A. Schenk, H. Ghoneim, H. Schmid
Invited, 2012 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), pp. 16.6.1-16.6.4

4.1: A 20-inch OLED Display Driven by Super-Amorphous-Silicon Technology

Takatoshi Tsujimura, Yoshinao Kobayashi, Kohji Murayama, Atsushi Tanaka, Mitsuo Morooka, Eri Fukumoto, Hiroki Fujimoto, Junichi Sekine, Keigo Kanoh, Keizo Takeda, others
SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers, pp. 6-9, 2012

Silicon Nanowire Esaki Diodes

H. Schmid, C.D. Bessire, M.T. Björk, A. Schenk, H. Riel
Nano Letters 12(2), 699-703, ACS Publications, 2012

Quantitative Thermometry of Nanoscale Hot Spots

F. Menges, H. Riel, A. Stemmer, B. Gotsmann
Nano Letters 12(2), 596-601, 2012

InAs nanowire growth on oxide-masked <111> silicon

M.T. Björk, H. Schmid, C.M. Breslin, L. Gignac, H. Riel
Journal of Crystal Growth 344(1), 31-37, Elsevier, 2012


Tunnel field-effect transistors as energy-efficient electronic switches

A.M. Ionescu, H. Riel
Nature 479(7373), 329-337, Nature Publishing Group, 2011

Silicon Nanowire Tunnel FETs: Low-Temperature Operation and Influence of High-κ Gate Dielectric

KE Moselund, MT Björk, H. Schmid, H. Ghoneim, S. Karg, E. Lörtscher, W. Riess, H. Riel
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 58(9), 2911-2916, 2011

Single photon emission and detection at the nanoscale utilizing semiconductor nanowires

M.E. Reimer, M.P. Van Kouwen, M. Barkelid, M. Hocevar, M.H.M. Van Weert, R.E. Algra, E.P.A.M. Bakkers, M.T. Björk, H. Schmid, H. Riel, others
Journal of Nanophotonics 5(1), 053502, International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2011

Alternative Transistor Concepts

KE Schmid, MT Bjork, M. Richter, H. Ghoneim, CD Bessire, H. Riel
69th Annual Device Research Conference (DRC) , 2011

A statistical approach to inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy on fullerene-terminated molecules

J. Fock, J.K. Sorensen, E. Lörtscher, T. Vosch, C.A. Martin, H. Riel, K. Kilsaa, T. Bjornholm, H. van der Zant
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 13(32), 14325-14332, 2011

Modular Functionalization of Electrodes by Cross-Coupling Reactions at Their Surfaces

M. Müri, B. Gotsmann, Y. Leroux, M. Trouwborst, E. Lörtscher, H. Riel, M. Mayor
Advanced Functional Materials 21(19), 3706-3714, 2011

CV measurements of single vertical nanowire capacitors

P Mensch, KE Moselund, S Karg, E Lortscher, MT Bjork, H Schmid, H Riel
69th Annual Device Research Conference (DRC), pp. 119-120, 2011

Fabrication of vertical InAs-Si heterojunction tunnel field effect transistors

H Schmid, KE Moselund, MT Bjork, M Richter, H Ghoneim, CD Bessire, H Riel
69th Annual Device Research Conference (DRC), pp. 181-182, 2011

Trap-Assisted Tunneling in Si-InAs Nanowire Heterojunction Tunnel Diodes

C.D. Bessire, M.T. Björk, H. Schmid, A. Schenk, K.B. Reuter, H. Riel
Nano letters 11(10), 4195-4199, ACS Publications, 2011

Influence of the Anchor Group on Charge Transport through Single-Molecule Junctions

E. Lörtscher, C.J. Cho, M. Mayor, M. Tschudy, C. Rettner, H. Riel
ChemPhysChem 12(9), 1677-1682, 2011


K. E. Moselund, H. Ghoneim, H. Schmid, M. Björk, S. Karg, D. Webb, M. Tschudy, R. Beyeler and H. Riel

Comparison of VLS grown Si NW Tunnel FETs with different gate stacks
Proc. of the IEEE European Solid State Device Research Conference, pp. 448-451, 2010

Si-InAs heterojunction Esaki tunnel diodes with high current densities

MT Björk, H. Schmid, CD Bessire, KE Moselund, H. Ghoneim, S. Karg, E. Lörtscher, H. Riel
Applied Physics Letters97, 163501, 2010

Off axis holography of doped and intrinsic silicon nanowires: Interpretation and influence of fields in the vacuum

M.I. Hertog, JL Rouviere, H. Schmid, D. Cooper, MT Björk, H. Riel, F. Dhalluin, P. Gentile, P. Ferret, F. Oehler, others
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VLS-grown silicon nanowires — Dopant deactivation and tunnel FETs

MT Björk, KE Moselund, H Schmid, H Ghoneim, S Karg, E Lörtscher, J Knoch, W Riess, H Riel
Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop (SNW), pp. 1-2, 2010

Single photon emission and detection at the nanoscale utilizing semiconductor nanowires

M. E. Reimer, M. P. van Kouwen, M. Hocevar, M. Markelid, R. E. Algra, E. A. P. Bakkers, M. T. Björk, H. Schmid, H. Riel, L. Kouwenhoven, V. Zwiller
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Enabling energy efficient tunnel FET-CMOS co-design by compact modeling and simulation

R. Rhyner, C. Bessire, L. De Michielis, A. Biswas, A. Schenk, H. Riel, A.M. Ionescu
Nanotera, 2010

Solid-state diffusion as an efficient doping method for silicon nanowires and nanowire field effect transistors

K. E. Moselund, H. Ghoneim, H. Schmid, MT Björk, E. Lörtscher, S. Karg, G. Signorello, D. Webb, M. Tschudy, R. Beyeler, others
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Molecular Electronics Resonant Transport through Single Molecules

E. Lortscher, H. Riel
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H.. Schmid, M. T. Bjrk, J. Knoch, S. Karg, H. Riel, W. Riess

Doping limits of grown in-situ doped silicon nanowires using phosphine
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Interface engineering for the suppression of ambipolar behavior in Schottky-barrier MOSFETs

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VLS-grown silicon nanowire tunnel FET

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Suppression of ambipolar behavior in metallic source/drain metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors

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Comparison of VLS grown Si NW tunnel FETs with different gate stacks

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Toward nanowire electronics

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