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Research Staff Member, Quantum Technology
IBM Research – Zurich



Optomechanics with one-dimensional gallium phosphide photonic crystal cavities
Schneider, Katharina and Welter, Pol and Baumgartner, Yannick and H{\"o}nl, Simon and Hahn, Herwig and Czornomaz, Lukas and Seidler, Paul
Quantum Nanophotonics, pp. 103590K, 2017

Optimized process for fabrication of free-standing silicon nanophotonic devices
Paul Seidler
J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B, 2017


Strong optomechanical coupling in a slotted photonic crystal nanobeam cavity with an ultrahigh quality factor-to-mode volume ratio
Katharina Schneider, Paul Seidler
Opt. Express 24(13), 13850--13865, OSA, 2016


Photonic crystal nanobeam cavities with an ultrahigh quality factor-to-modal volume ratio
Paul Seidler, Kevin Lister, Ute Drechsler, Hugo Rothuizen, Jens Hofrichter, Thilo Stöferle
IEEE Photonics Society Summer Topical Meeting Series, 2013

Slotted photonic crystal nanobeam cavity with an ultrahigh quality factor-to-mode volume ratio
Paul Seidler, Kevin Lister, Ute Drechsler, Jens Hofrichter, Thilo Stöferle
Optics Express 12(26), 32468-32483, 2013


STM-excited electroluminescence and spectroscopy on organic materials for display applications
SF Alvarado, L Rossi, P Muller, PF Seidler, W Riess
IBM Journal of Research and Development 45(1), 89-100, IBM, 2001

Organic electronics: introduction
Shaw, Jane M and Seidler, Paul F
IBM Journal of Research and Development 45(1), 3--9, IBM, 2001


Electron injection into an Alq 3 single-layer organic light-emitting diode
S Barth, P M\"uller, H Riel, PF Seidler, W Riess, H Vestweber, U Wolf, H B\"assler
Synthetic Metals111, 327--330, Elsevier, 2000


26.1: Invited Paper: Organic Light-Emitting Devices for Display Applications
Seidler, PF
SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers, pp. 371--371, 1999

Current injection from a metal to a disordered hopping system. III. Comparison between experiment and Monte Carlo simulation
S. Barth, U. Wolf, H. Bässler, P. Müller, H. Riel, H. Vestweber, PF Seidler, W. Riess
Physical Review B 60(12), 8791, APS, 1999


Atom-resolved electronic spectra for Alq 3 from theory and experiment
Curioni, A and Andreoni, W and Treusch, R and Himpsel, FJ and Haskal, E and Seidler, P and Heske, Clemens and Kakar, Sandeep and Van Buuren, T and Terminello, Louis J
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Direct determination of the exciton binding energy of conjugated polymers using a scanning tunneling microscope
Alvarado, SF and Seidler, PF and Lidzey, DG and Bradley, DDC
Physical Review Letters 81(5), 1082, APS, 1998

Method of processing nucleic acids
R A Haight, P F Seidler
US Patent 5,796,101, 1998 - Google Patents, Google Patents
US Patent 5,796,101

Substrate designs and contacts for organic light-emitting displays
E.I. Haskal, H. Vestweber, H. Schmid, P.F. Seidler
Proc. SPIE, pp. 243, 1998

Electronic states in magnetic nanostructures
Himpsel, Franz J and Jung, Thomas A and Seidler, Paul F
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STM-excited luminescence on organic materials
Alvarado, SF and Libioulle, L and Seidler, PF
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STM-induced luminescence study of poly (p-phenylenevinylene) by conversion under ultraclean conditions
Alvarado, Santos F and Rie$\beta$, Walter and Seidler, Paul F and Strohriegl, Peter
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Lithium-aluminum contacts for organic light-emitting devices
E. Haskal, A. Curioni, P.F. Seidler, W. Andreoni
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Electroluminescence in polymer films
Lidzey, David G and Bradley, Donal DC and Alvarado, Santos F and Seidler, Paul F
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Electron beam assisted chemical vapor deposition of gold in an environmental TEM
Kouvetakis, John and SharmA, Renu and Ramakrisna, BL and Drucker, Jeff and Seidler, Paul
MRS Online Proceedings Library Archive388, Cambridge University Press, 1995


Time-resolved infrared absorption spectroscopy of 193-nm photodissociation of diethylzinc
Seidler, Paul F
The Journal of Physical Chemistry 98(8), 2095--2100, ACS Publications, 1994

Surface reactivity of alkylgold (I) complexes: substrate-selective chemical vapor deposition of gold from RAuP (CH3) 3 (R= CH2CH3, CH3) at remarkably low temperatures
Banaszak Holl, Mark M and Seidler, Paul F and Kowalczyk, Steven P and McFeely, F Read
Inorganic Chemistry 33(3), 510--517, ACS Publications, 1994


Separation of Nucleation and Crystallization in the Solution-Phase Synthesis of Group IV Quantum Structures
Heath, James R and Seidler, Paul F
MRS Online Proceedings Library Archive298, Cambridge University Press, 1993


Low Temperature Selective Area Chemical Vapor Deposition of Gold Films: Growth and Characterization
Seidler, Paul F and Kowalczyk, Steven P and Holl, Mark M Banaszak and Yurkas, John J and Norcott, Maurice H and Read, F
MRS Online Proceedings Library Archive282, Cambridge University Press, 1992


1, 2, 3, 4, 5-Pentamethylcyclopentadiene
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Photofragment infrared fluorescence in the photodissociation of gas-phase Mn2 (CO) 10
Bray, Robert G and Seidler, PF and Gethner, JS and Woodin, RL
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Inter-and intramolecular oxidative addition of phosphine, methane, alkane, and alkene carbon-hydrogen bonds to rhenium
Bergman, Robert G and Seidler, Paul F and Wenzel, Timothy T
Journal of the American Chemical Society 107(14), 4358--4359, ACS Publications, 1985


Year Unknown

Investigation of Small V and High Q SOI Optical Resonators
Urbonas, D and Gabalis, M and Seidler, P and Petruskevicius, R and Stoeferle, T and Raciukaitis, G, 0