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IBM Research - Zurich


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  Fellow, IACR  |  Fellow, IEEE  |  IBM Academy of Technology

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2017-04-03 Universidad Autónoma de Madrid , Madrid, Cryptography 4 People

2017-03-15 ZISC Lunch Seminar, ETH Zurich, Zurich, (Un)linkable identifiers for distributed databases (Crypto 4 People - databases)

2017-01-10 CS Dept, KU Leuven, Leuven, Direct Anonymous Attestation, Revisited

2016-09-30 Technologieoutlook und Megatrends: Digitale Geselleschaft in der Zukunft, ETH Zurich, Anonymitaet und Privatheit

2016-08-23 IFIP Summerschool, Karlstad, Cryptography to the Aid

2016-07-18 Infer 2016, Darmstadt, Crypto 4 People - Databases

2016-06-28 Security and Privacy in Digital Life - 2016, Trento, Authentication without Identification (Anonymous Credentials, Use cases, e-cash)

2016-06-21 Summer Research Institute, EFPL, Lausanne, Cryptography 4 Privacy

2016-05-31 IACR Bitcoin Summer School, Corfu, Cryptographic e-Cash

2016-05-04 Infosecurity Denmark 2016, Copenhagen, Authentication without Identification

2016-04-14 Murcia University, TDL, Direct Anonymous Attestation, Revisited

2016-02-22 ATI, Privacy Summit, London: Cryptographic dimensions of privacy

2015-12-14, FSMP, Horizon Maths, Paris, Confidentialité et sécurité - Introducation

2015-11-17 USI, Informatics, Lugano: Cryptography for People

2015-10-21 CySeP 2015 - KTH, Stockholm: Cryptography for People

2015-08-24 ARES 2015 - AU2EU Workshop, Toulouse: Anonymous Authentication in Cloud Context

2015-08-12 SAC 2015, Sackville: Formal Treatement of Anonymous Credentials

2015-08-11 S3(SAC Summer School), Sackville: Anonymous Credentials

2015-07-05 InfoSec 2015, Bilbao: Privacy in an Electronic World: A Lost Cause?

2015-07-04 InfoSec 2015, Bilbao: Technologies to Protect ePrivacy