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Operational excellence in IT service delivery

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The last two decades have seen unprecedented innovation in technology and its use in all functions of an enterprise. The global nature of business brought in additional challenges – the need for reliable, distributed, worldwide IT services – leading to large scale IT outsourcing. Consider the scale and scope of IBM’s IT outsourcing services – 1,000x clients, 1,000,000x IT assets and configurations in 100x data centers around the globe, 100,000x service personnel supporting these systems from global delivery centers, 1,000,000x services requests requiring a variety of competencies and skill levels, etc. This business is our lab and our research is to drive operational excellence – quality, productivity and client value in this complex and highly dynamic environment.

The research spans all aspects of service delivery:

  • Standardized processes, tools and optimal staffing to provide seamless service from delivery centers across the world. Address the challenge of identifying and modeling the relationships between IT function, service levels, human agents and business value generated.
  • Sophisticated infrastructure management to ensure compliance and optimal utilization. Comprehensive configuration management that drives key compliance (e.g. security, patch management) and health check processes.
  • Quality control and risk management for superior contract performance. Proactive defect prevention, continual improvement, predictive analytics to identify financial performance and identify/quantify key risks.
  • Big data and advanced analytics to glean insights and drive benefits to both IBM and our clients. Including In-depth insights to client’s IT landscape, performance, utilization, compliance, etc. Insights to recommend opportunities for IT optimization, transformation.

Highlighted projects:

1. Analytics Management System

Develop models for infrastructure impact on delivery quality and productivity and deploy to drive continuous improvement. The project aims to improve deployment scalability of the services delivery analytics by combining precise descriptive insights with predictive/prescriptive analytics over various globally available data sources, such as Configuration information available in Global Asset and Configuration Data Warehouse (GACDW), Ticket and Dispatch work orders available in Service Management Information Warehouse (SMIW) etc.

Analytics Management System

2. Lights Out - False Ticket Elimination

Develop and deploy analytics to reduce false alerts and apply optimal alert thresholding. The project analyzes the incident tickets to identify "non-actionable" alerts which lead to these tickets and automatically produces recommendations for tuning the alert thresholds to eliminate these without affecting the actionable alerts.

Lights Out - False Ticket Elimination

3. Financial Risk Analytics

Leverage the contract performance information captured in various questionnaires to predict contract risk estimation, including financial performance prediction and risk mitigation.

Financial Risk Analytics

Highlighted publications:


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