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Strategic Outsourcing, also known as “IT Outsourcing” is the process of contracting a business’s IT function to someone else. Examples of such IT functions include Help Desk Services, Data Center management including servers, operating systems, storage systems, databases, and other IT applications, Networking Services and other IT infrastructure. Although some companies have their own in house IT department(s) to provide such functions, some choose to focus on their main business goal(s) and hire someone else, who has the proven capability to run the operations more efficiently than they themselves could, for operating their IT functions via strategic outsourcing arrangement. Outsourcing in business process and information technology (IT) is getting commoditized at an accelerated rate due to multiple factors including the exhaustion of labor-based arbitrage opportunities and increased competitiveness in the marketplace. Outsourcing providers are under constant pressure to differentiate their services to increase both revenue and profit margins.

As the Research organization of the industry leader in Strategic Outsourcing business, we focus on establishing an end-to-end management system to improve revenue and profitability of services deals. We take multi-disciplinary approach to address critical areas of wining deals with high margin: competitiveness and client value, consistency and efficiency, quality and business process. Our key competencies include operations research, information management, analytics, computer science, and social science.

Highlighted publications

  • Measuring Service Solution Quality in Information Technology (IT) Services Outsourcing Projects using Value Driver Tree Approach
    Rama Akkiraju, Ruoyi Zhou
    SRII Conference, July 2012
  • On the Role of Analytics in Estimating the Cost of Delivering Complex Information Technology (IT) Outsourcing Services Projects
    Rama Akkiraju, Toby Lehman, Neil Boyette, Haijing Fang, Mario Lichtsinn, Ben Shaw
    SRII Conference, July 2012
  • An Analysis of a Service System Supporting IBM’s Global Service Delivery
    I. Councill, H. Hacigumus, K. Johns, J. Kreulen, T. Lehman, J. Rhodes, R. Strong, R. Zhou
    SOLI, July 2009
  • Process Variation Analysis using Empirical Methods – A Case Study
    Heiko Ludwig, Yolanda Rankin, Robert Enyedi, Laura Anderson
    BPM, 2011
  • Mapping and Visualizing Service Provider and Client Interactions: The Case for Participation
    Jeanette Blomberg, Melissa Cefkin, Yolanda Rankin
    Participatory Design Conference, 2010
  • Client TouchPoint Modeling: Understanding Client Interactions in the Context of Service Delivery
    Aqueasha Martin, Yolanda Rankin, Joe Bolinger CHI, 2011 (PIC top)


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