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Staff Researcher
Melbourne Research Laboratory, Melbourne, Australia



My research interests can be broadly described as the application of mathematical modeling techniques to further understanding in healthcare and biology. These approaches help decision makers take more informed actions and reduce inefficiencies. Previous research programs have focussed on the optimisation of health resource allocation, including surgical planning, models of health care delivery, and health worker allocation. In addition, I have applied mathematical modeling to understanding the spread of infectious diseases, indiviualised predictions of Alzheimer's disease progression, and computational modeling of human physiology.

My background covers academic research, commercial research, and business consultancy. I have completed a PhD in Bioengineering, during which I developed computational models of "virtual lungs" that enabled in-silico experiments to deepen our understanding of pulmonary physiology. This research is part of the Physiome project, which is a large global initiative that aims to build a "quantitative description of physiological dynamics and functional behaviour of the intact organism". I have also worked in business consultancy to bring more advanced analytical approaches into business decision making, including a project to optimise supply and demand decisions for New Zealand's largest company.