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Post Doc Researcher
Melbourne Research Laboratory, Melbourne, Australia


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Professional Associations:  Australian Computer Society (ACS)  |  IEEE


Face it, Facebook changed the world, and changed us. I can imagine Freud and Pirandello writing so much about human personality now days that eventually they would give up and start spamming and clickjacking as many friends as they possibly can. Understanding the human interaction and the human online persona is fascinating, Internet was free, then it wasn't , then it was again and then who knows. There is so much knowledge at our fingertips today,I find it amazing, don't you think ? Sw33t!

I am interested in everything that has to do with modern social networks, services, attacks, models, visual representations. Possibilities are endless, and this is a topic which has been around for at least one hundred years, finally those social analysis books can be cleaned up and opened. I have collaborated in various projects for the analysis of social networks and partecipated in a number of conferences in this regard, also hosted a number of workshops to explore this fantastic new world which is the online social Network.