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Manager - Cognitive Analytics
IBM Research - Australia


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Chris Butler is the Manager of Cognitive Analytics at IBM Research – Australia in Melbourne. He is part of IBM Research’s global Financial Service leadership team and has been working with AI technologies, such as natural language processing, across Government, Financial Services sectors. His team is responsible for IBM Research – Australia’s engagements with Watson technologies including a number of projects delivered in conjunction with IBM Watson. Throughout his tenure he has been engaging with clients across a wide variety of industries including Federal Government, Education, Insurance and Banking.


Chris joined IBM first at the IBM Research Collaboratory for Life sciences in November 2010. In May 2011 he joined IBM Research – Australia as a research intern and in 2012 he joined IBM Research as a research scientist full time.  Throughout his tenure at IBM Research Chris has worked on a diverse set of projects from numerical modelling of cardiac electrophysiology to the analysis of social media for disaster management.

His PhD on utilising numerical modelling to understand in vitro blood flow experiments and his undergraduate degree (BE(Mech) / BTech (Aero) Hons.) were received from Monash University.