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Manager - Cognitive Analytics
IBM Research and Development - Australia laboratory - Melbourne


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Chris Butler is a Research Scientist at the “IBM Research - Australia” lab in Melbourne.

He completed his Batchelor of Engineering (Mechanical) / Batchelor of Technology (Aerospace) at Monash University in 2009 with honours – these studies lead to publication and attendance at a peer reviewed conference.

In September 2009 he began a Masters degree in engineering research, at Monash University, from which he transferred into a Ph.D. candidature in January 2011. His Ph.D. research entitled “A numerical investigation of in vitro thrombotic geometries under flow” is a collaborative study with wet lab experimentalists. Based on biological paradigms developed by leading Australian researchers, he leveraged open source packages to develop a quantitative means of examining the biomechanical forces present in in vitro thrombotic geometries employing available supercomputing resources to minimise the divide between in silico and in vitro experiments. In addition to Ph.D. research topic Chris has published on fundamental fluid mechanics and maintained involvement in the departmental postgraduate association leadership.

Chris' Ph.D. research has resulted in a number of publications and a number of merit based scholarships: Monash e-Research Centre HPC scholarship, VLSCI SC09 workshop travel grant and the Australian Computing Society top-up scholarship.

Christopher accepted an offer for a postgraduate level summer internship with the IBM Research Collaboratory for Life Sciences – Melbourne in December 2010. At the collaboratory he worked developing a new continuum mechanics solver for biological applications. This solver employed a number of novel aspects including a kernel renormalised SPH formulation and the Charm++ programming paradigm to facilitate dynamic load balancing on the Blue Gene/P.

In June 2011 Chris joined “IBM Research - Australia” as a Research intern concurrently with his Ph.D. studies. In late May 2012 Chris took up a full time position with IBM Research – Australia on submission of his Ph.D. where he continues to apply his skills in both HPC and life sciences to translational research problems. He currently leads the Australian arm of the “Cardioid” cardiac modelling project in collaboration with IBM T.J. Watson research center and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where his focus is on creating and analysing the vast volumes of data created by the code. In addition to this Chris working on creating visual-analytics interfaces capable of supporting decision making in disaster management environments.

Current projects he is involved in include:

  • Novel visualisation of GIS relevant numerical simulations
  • Ultrafast cardiac modelling techniques
  • Translational application of medical imaging analysis combined with text data

Chris is a member of the IEEE.

In his spare time he enjoys a number of outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, snow-shoeing, downhill and back-country skiing with his friends and family. Complimenting this is his hobby of photography.


  • Butler, C.J, Reumann, M, Pflaummer, A., Modelling post operative arrhythmogensis in Tetralogy of Fallot patients, VLSCI RAS#6 VR0236, 2.35M S.U.