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Research Scientist
Melbourne Research Lab, Melbourne, Austrailia



Christian is a research scientist at the IBM Research Lab Australia, located in Melbourne. His areas of interest include technologies and infrastructures and their application under the wider umbrella of Smarter Planet initiatives. His current focus on designing and assessing enterprise software architecture solutions for the domain of emergency management and the integration of non conventional channels of information as a support of decision making.

Before joining IBM Research Australia, Christian worked in the Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems (CLOUDS) Lab at the University of Melbourne, by both doing research on cloud computing and being the lead architect of the Aneka Cloud Computing programming platform. Together with Prof. Rajkumar Buyya and Prof. Thamarai Selvi, he's author of Mastering Cloud Computing.

Christian and the team at the IBM Research Australia have closely worked together with representatives of the Emergency Services and government officials to define a new vision for systems supporting the diffusion of information in a heterogeneous and complex environment where multiple stakeholders collectively act to guarantee the safety of the community. The result of this work has led to VINE (Victorian Information Network for Emergencies), which aims to set a change to way in which the information of interest to the community is managed and diffused.

As member of the Model & Information Composition Group, Christian provides technical leadership for the design, development, and architecture of the Australian Disaster Management Platform, an initiative that brings together the University of Melbourne, IBM Research - Australia and a large variety of stakeholder with the intent of creating a platform facilitating the orchestration and composition of research capabilities as a support of operational practices for key decision makers in the domain of disaster management.

Finally, Christian is also member of the ANZ/TEC community and contributes with his knowledge and skills to development of ideas and adoption of practices among IBMers.