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Research Staff Member, Medical Image Analytics
Melbourne Research Laboratory, Melbourne, Australia



Dwarikanath Mahapatra is currently a Research Staff Member at IBM Research Australia. He obtained his Ph.D. from the National University of Singapore in 2011, and worked as a post-doctoral research fellow at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland from 2011-2015. Dwarikanath's research interests are mainly in medical image analysis, machine learning, deep learning, decision support systems and computer aided diagnosis. He also explores other aspects of computer vision such as object detection and tracking, surveillance and image classification using deep neural networks. His Google scholar page can be found here

Dwarikanath has published more than 50 papers in prestigious conferences and journals. During his Ph.D. research he developed algorithms that use models of the human visual system for medical image analysis such as registration and segmentation. He also developed a novel method for detecting salient regions in videos which is used as a baseline for many course projects at the National University of Singapore. As part of his post-doctoral research at the ETH Zurich he developed algorithms and models for the diagnosis and detection of Crohn's disease using advanced machine learning techniques. In his current role at IBM he is involved in medical image analysis research to drive IBM Research's focus on healthcare research.