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Manager, Model and Information Composition
IBM Research - Australia



Guy is an enthusiast in bringing innovation and new technology to life enabling businesses and individuals to perform and excel using IT beyond the art of possible.
He turns ideas and creations into robust assets and solutions that provide added value and disruption to businesses and individuals in everyday life.
In his management role at IBM Research – Australia, managing a group of computer scientists and software engineers, Guy draws roadmaps of innovation based on system of engagements and systems of insights to address current and future challenges specifically in the realm of emergency management. He leverages and drives his group’s assets, such as evacuation planning, to address these challenges. Guy also holds a cross-lab responsibility in investigating and providing the technology and business models to deliver research assets as cloud services. Holding M. Sc. degree in Information System Engineering from the Technion – Israel institute of technology, Guy’s research and interests are in cloud computing, decision support systems, event and rule based systems and business management middleware and technologies.

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