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Research Staff Member
IBM Research Australia (in Melbourne, Australia)



Hidemasa Muta joined IBM Yamato Lab (Japan) in 1991 as a system software developer. He worked for a wide variety of system software development projects such as OS/2 PM, GUI remote sharing system, embedded system, and accessibility solutions.

In 2005 he was transferred to IBM Tokyo Research Lab as a researcher to work on a computer vision project using Cell Broadband Engine. In his 10 years in TRL, he worked for computational lithography project, smarter cities research project, and robotics project as well.

In 2015 he moved to IBM Research Australia in Melbourne. He started his career in Australia on a disaster management research project. In 2016 he re-started robotics work with IBM's world largest neural computer 'TrueNorth' in Brain-Inspired Computing group. He connected TrueNorth to NAO robot for the rapid visual analysis.

In 2017 he was assigned to work on NASA Robonaut2 for Woodside Energy in Perth. He visited NASA Johnson Space Center for 3 weeks with engineers from Woodside Energy for the skill transfer on Robonaut2. He developed real-time 3D object detector and localizer for Robonaut2 which is required for the very accurate motion and trajectory planning in Woodside Energy facility.