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Post Doctoral Researcher
Melbourne Research Laboratory, Melbourne, Australia


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Nguyen joined IBM Research Australia in 2016 as a Post Doctoral Researcher in Melbourne. Before joining IBM, he worked as a Data Scientist for the Australian Government in Melbourne, and as a Research Officer at the ANU Cybercrime Observatory on a casual basis while studying for his PhD in Canberra.

He studied at the Australian National University for his Bachelor of Computer Science (awarded in 2009 with First Class Honours) and for his PhD in Computer Science (awarded in 2015). His PhD thesis explored and proposed new methods to detect vandalism on Wikipedia across multiple languages; comprised of publications in TKDE, PAKDD, CIKM, and AusDM. He has also contributed to other research projects with publications in WWW, COSN, JDIQ, and others.

His research interest is generally in knowledge discovery, text mining, and data science.




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