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Manager, Health Modelling and Analytics
Melbourne Research Laboratory, Melbourne, Australia



During my time in IBM, and in the time prior to joining IBM in 2017, I have worked in and with a variety of institutions: companies, universities and government. I always strive to achieve scientific, mathematical, narrative and visual insight into health, public policy and complex systems. I have used a variety of methods to investigate epidemiological and biological phenomena, particularly infectious disease outbreaks, endemic infection, and chronic disease prediction at the population level. These methods include mechanistic models (those that include a representation of the disease propagation process) as well as those that are purely statistical as well as machine learning and data science. I also communicate scientific and policy insights through simplicity, verbal clarity and a strong emphasis on visual representation of ideas.

Current and Prior Positions

Research Manager, Health Modelling and Analytics Team, IBM Research
12/2017 - Present

Technical Areas