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Network modelling, control and optimization
Melbourne Research Laboratory, Melbourne, Australia


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  IEEE  |  University of Melbourne


Ramachandra Rao Kolluri is an M.Sc in Energy and Sustainability with Electrical Power Engineering (2012) from the University of Southampton and a PhD in Electrical Engineering (2017) from the University of Melbourne. 

His doctoral research is in studying the design and operation of microgrids (small self-sustainable sections of the electrical grid) where energy demand can be met from renewable, intermittent power sources with/without energy storage. To this end, he developed a novel power dispatch for the microgrid resources so as to achieve the desired level of quality of service.

He has been with IBM research as an intern since 2015 and a post-doc since 2017 where he has been an integral part of the Predictive Resource Optimization (PRO) team working on various resource prediction and optimization problems in the energy and Internet of things space.