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Research Scientist
IBM Research - Australia




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Dr. Simon Wail is a Research Scientist for IBM Research – Australia.

He studied computer science at RMIT (Melbourne, Australia) and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering (1992) from RMIT.

He joined IBM in 1994 in Melbourne, Australia for a short time and worked in computer science research helping to develop parallelised scientific applications such as numerical weather modeling. In 1995, he joined ACCI (Australian Computing and Communications Institute), where he took on the development of a scalable medical imaging server. In 1997, he took his DICOM (medical imaging standard) experience and moved to the US, to Marconi Medical Systems (formally Picker International) to lead a team developing an Internet based clinical results distribution system. While with Marconi he represented the company on various DICOM standard's committees as well as the IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Environment) committee. In 2000, he moved to ComView Corporation, a cardiac imaging company and continued his work in developing DICOM software and leading teams to implement cardiac imaging capture, viewing and storage systems. His final position, before returning to Australia, was as a software development manager for LabVantage, a laboratory information systems company having joined them in 2002. Here he was instrumental in the development and deployment of a new class of software for “biobanking”. This software manages the storage and information of biological specimens for clinical or research purposes. Since 2007, he has primarily been based back in Australia and spent some years consulting and managing the deployment of “biobanking” systems in several world class research institutions.

In 2010, he rejoined IBM after many years away. Returning to his research roots he initially was a member of the IBM Research Collaboratory for Life Sciences - Melbourne, as a High Performance Computing Specialist. With his background in HPC and software development experience he assisted collaboratory researchers in developing and executing their computational models on the IBM Blue Gene/P and Blue Gene/Q large scale HPC systems. In late 2012 he transferred over to the IBM Research Laboratory in Melbourne, as a Research Scientist. With his recent experiences with Life Sciences and Healthcare researchers, as well as extensive experience in medical imaging, he is applying all his knowledge in the advancement of Smarter Healthcare. This may involve analysing medical images to detect biomarkers and then using cognitive reasoning to identify disease, using supercomputers for the simulation of biological models, or for searching genetic material for statistically significant variations or disease markers. All this research could lead to better clinical diagnosis, care and outcomes. 



October 2012 - present
Research Scientist
IBM Research - Australia
IBM, Melbourne, Australia

March 2010 - September 2012
High Performance Computing Specialist
IBM Research Collaboratory for Life Sciences - Melbourne
IBM, Melbourne, Australia

July 2007 - February 2010
Orca Informatics Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia

July 2002 - February 2007
Software Development Manager
LabVantage, NJ, USA

May 2000 - June 2002
Senior Software Engineer
ComView Corporation, NY, USA

October 1997 - April 2000
Senior Staff Engineer
Marconi Medical Systems, OH, USA

January 1995 - July 1997
Senior Software Engineer
Australian Computing & Communications Institute (ACCI), Melbourne, Australia

May 1994 - Decemeber 1994
Research Project Leader
IBM, Melbourne, Australia





Implementing an Imperative Language for the CSIRAC II Dataflow Computer
Computer Systems Engineering, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

Bachelor of Applied Science (Distinction)
Computer Science, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia



Publications and Patents

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