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Brazil Research Lab, Brazil


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Mauro Pichiliani is an experienced researcher and software engineer with over 15 years of experience in the fields human-computer interaction, augmented and virtual reality, and databases. He has developed many applications integrating state of the art research into complex systems. Mauro has a solid background and experience in databases, data analysis, and software development including recent AI and machine learning techniques.

In the two years in the IBM Research Brazil laboratory Mauro has participated in projects where users interact with machines via conversation, including finch (a conversational financial advisor) and the art project “Café com os Santiagos”. In those projects he did basic research, design, architecture, development, and deployment. This work resulted in demos, papers, posters, talks ,and workshops in national and international conferences. Mauro has also been a leader in the development of TJBot applications in Brazil, and actively demonstrated Research assets to clients and to visiting researchers and students. Mauro has also supported the Sales, Digital Education and Marketing IBM departments  in showing to clients all the potential of Watson technologies, including the conversation, High Performance Computing, and Cloud services solutions.

In the last two years has worked in research groups which led to many publications, including five conference papers, one poster, and a major demo at the CHI’18 conference. Mauro has received three recognition awards from IBM: one for the first patent filed, one for sharing expertise in the IBM Research laboratory, and one for helping the Digital Education area.