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Research scientist - Watson Research Center



Doug Kimelman is a research scientist at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research
Center, spending most of his time at the Canadian Wilderness Research Facility :-)
Doug has authored papers and patents concerning performance and scalability of
parallel systems, software visualization, multidimensional program structure, operating
systems, and environments for architecture and design of large-scale information
technology systems. As well, he has organized highly successful workshops, tutorials,
and hands-on lab sessions at academic conferences and IBM customer conferences
on a wide range of topics. A number of the projects on which Doug has worked have
culminated in the transfer of advanced technology into production use at IBM
customers and consulting services divisions. Doug’s work on the Architects’
Workbench project was recognized with an IBM Corporate Award. Doug’s current
research interests include: multidimensional information organization and scalable
analytics for massively parallel low-latency systems. Prior to joining IBM, Doug worked
as an independent consultant to the publishing and commodity trading industries.
Doug received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Manitoba for work
on multidimensional hierarchical structures for organizing software development