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Academy of Technology LogoExecutive Architect, Data and AI Leader for Fiserv IA, Academy of Technology Leadership Team
Markham, ON, Canada



My business unit is Global Markets
My Marketing Team is Canada IMT
My Ops Team is North America

I joined the Academy of Technology in 2017.

Cognitive Architect; Information Integration and Governance; Connected Ecosystems

My passion is in identifying diverse information patterns in complex environments to create new reference and information architectures and accelerate digital transformation.
My expertise is in solving business problems in information architecture, analytics, information integration and governance.
My focus is always on modernizing information systems to support an ecosystem view of the customer experience and building more connected and efficient digital society. The evolving business digital ecosystems encompasses emerging technology, such as Internet of Things, AI/cognitive computing, and new platform – oriented business models to enable cross- industry collaboration. I leverage my experience and the ability to understand and reduce the complexity of information science to deliver actionable personalized insights to our clients through integrated data and AI, and to ensure we use data responsibly.

I hold the following titles and positions:

  • Memeber of IBM Academy of Technology Leadership Team ( Client Value)

I work cross-industries.

I am involved with the following affiliates:

  • CATA ( Canadian AoT Affiliate)

My areas of expertise and proficiencies are:

  • Analytics, IoT, Big Data, Cognitive- recognized outside IBM for defining contemporary best practices, Able to speak authoritatively

My job roles and skills include:

  • 2007 - current , IBM, Roles -ECM Consultant, Industrial Sector SW Architect, Watson Health Tech Sales, GBS Cognitive Consultant, Global Markets Cognitive Data Leader
  • 2004-2007 - BearingPoint, ECM Architect
  • 2000-2004 - Franklin TEmpleton Investments, Analytics Lead
  • 1999-2000 - LGS Canada
  • 1994 -1999 - S&C Electric, Integration Architect
  • Ukrainian Recearch Center

My career developed across three major themes:

  • Driving new insights from connected industries ecosystems
  • Developing reusable indsutry solutions with the focus on 'information value chain'
  • Evolving technology areas of Information Architecture