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Analytics Practice Lead



Based in Montreal as the Analytics Practice Lead for LGS with a clear mission to build a solid sustainable local Practice. 

After building the practice for Avanade Singapore over a period of 6 years. I had the unique opportunity to coordonate global sales deals.

Co-founded eVolition Australia in 2001, with Milly Taylor with the vision that we could service customers in a better way and being still here in 2011 proved us right. In 8 years, at the head of eVolition, my team managed to capture more than 50 recurrent customers all being among the top 200 companies in Australia from Retail to Government including Banking and Insurance.

Co-founded Interactive-Transport in November 2008 being a French-Australian company which specialises in transport, provides a wide range of advanced, integrated technological solutions for the transport industry including Responsive-Transport an advanced Demand Responsive Transport solution.

Since 1994, one of my main focus has been Business Intelligence / Datawarehouse projects and their specific challenges.

Before Australia, I was senior architect on large projects. With Computer Telephony Integrated in domain such as Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) solution.

Specialties: Business Intelligence, Analytics, Project Management, Management, Retail & Banking Industry, Education & Transport.

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