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Research Scientist
China Research Laboratory, Beijing, China



Dr Ma joined IBM in 2015 as a research scientist in China Research Lab, with specialisations in Machine Learning, IoTs, Robotics and Quantitative Trading. After receiving his doctoral degree from Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford in 2011, he became a research fellow in the Cognitive Robotics Research Centre at University of Wales. His research involved cognitive learning algorithms for teams of agents in dynamic environments. Applications include strategy learning, cooperative planning, autonomous decision-making and biped locomotion. His recent publications include human-robot interaction using robot skin, Policy Search Planning in multi-agent cooperation and QWalking and a model-free biped locomotion learning approach for humanoid robots. His work is based on physical robots such as iCub, NAO and Kondo and other IoT devices. As the founder of Apollo, a world champion robot football team, Dr Ma was also a member of organising and technical committees in some recent Robot World Cup (RoboCup) competitions.

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