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China Research Laboratory, Beijing, China



Chao Zhu joined IBM China Research Lab (System group) at July 2010, as a staff Researcher on computer system architecture.

He received my B.A. degree in Electronic Science and Technology from University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China, in 2005. And he received my Ph.D degree in Computer Science (major in network acceleration) from Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, in 2010.

Currently, He is the system architecure sub-group leader in the Wireless Network Cloud (WNC) project and contributes to many of the FIRST prototypes in industry created by IBM China Research Lab, such as the First 2G/3G/4G IT-based SDR base station prototype with industrial RRH, the First dual-mode virtual base station. The prototypes demonstrate the IBM’s leading technologies in the wireless system.

The prototypes are shown in the following industry events:

1. International Mobile Internet Conference 2010 in Beijing

2. Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona

3. PT/EXPO COMM CHINA 2011 in Beijing

4. ITU TELECOM WORLD 2011 in Geneva

His research interest includes:

1. Hardware accelerated computing

2. Real-time processing platform

3. High performance IO virtualization

4. Workload optimization in cloud environment

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