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Academy of Technology LogoDistinguished Engineer, Senior Manager of AI System and Vision, AoT leadership team member
China Research Laboratory, Beijing, China



Yonghua Lin is the Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) of IBM and Senior Research Manager leading the Networking and Wireless research group in IBM Research - China. She leads two global research directions across China, US and India labs. One is next generation radio access network (RAN) architecture (wireless network cloud), and the other one is wireless system and optimization for IoT (Internet of Things). Yonghua Lin is the major driver of IT-based software defined radio (SDR) technology, and the first one proposing the Wireless Network Cloud concept in the world. Under her leadership in wireless research, IBM Research team has successfully driven the new trend of Wireless Network Cloud for next generation RAN in industry, established the wide collaboration in industry including mobile operators, telecom equipment providers and IoT enterprises, and created lots of FIRST prototypes in industry to demonstrate the IBM’s leading technologies in wireless system (ICASSP08, GLOBECOM09, IMIC10 etc.). With her leadership in both China and global IBM wireless research activities, IT and wireless convergence has become the main topic in IBM Global Technology Outlook 2010. Yonghua Lin is also active in academic communities. She is the member of ACM and IEEE. She has more than 30 patents granted worldwide and publications in top conferences and journals.