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Guang Ya Liu is a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) and Chief Cloud Architect in IBM CSL (China Systems Lab) and now focusing on cloud computing, data center operating system and container technology, he is also a Member of IBM Academy of Technology. Starting from 2013, Guang Ya act as an OpenStack Active Contributor and contribute to many projects including Nova, Cinder, Heat, Ceilometer, Magnum etc and he used to be the Core Member of Magnum. Starting from 2015, Guang Ya act as a Mesos Active Contributor and mainly focusing on allocator and container part for Mesos and he is currently the Apache Mesos PMC & Committer; Starting from 2016, Guang Ya act as a Kubernetes Active Contributor and mainly focusing on scheduler and container part for Kubernetes and he is currently a Kubernetes Member; Starting from 2017, Guang Ya start to work for Istio and Multicloud, he also act as Istio Maintainer and Kubernetes Federation V2 Maintainer, Cluster API Maintainer; Guang Ya is also the organizer for Mesos, Kubernetes and OpenStack Xi'an Meetup and successfully held many meetups for those open source projects in China.He also hold seven US patents related to cloud and six published IPs. Visit his github here

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