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China Research Laboratory, Beijing, China



As a Research Scientists of Information knowledge and Interaction division of IBM Research Lab – China (CRL), Mr. Wen Liu has been working on the research and development work of speech analytics platform since 2007 after receiving his Master Degree of Computer Sciences from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China.

In his career inside IBM Research - China, Mr. Wen Liu has been working on speech solution and platform research area intensively. He has accumulated a deep know-how to seamlessly integrate automatic speech recognition (ASR), text to speech (TTS) and other speech technologies into advanced solution, his expertise includes distributed computing, speech cloud architecture, web-based service delivery platform, voice over IP (VOIP), big data, and multimedia management, etc.

Mr. Wen Liu is the key developer for lots of speech related research initiatives and customer engagement projects. In 2006’s InnovationJam, an online conversation on IBM’s worldwide intranet sponsored by IBM CEO. More than 150,000 IBMers, family members, clients and university and business partners, representing 104 countries and 67 companies, came together and finally rated out top-5 innovations which IBM believes will change the way people live over the next five years, RTTS (Real-Time Transcription and Translation Service) is one of those top-5 big ideas which aims at instantaneous transcription and real-time speech to speech translation capability to close the gap brought by the language barrier in people’s daily communication. Mr. Wen Liu is one of the major architects and developers of RTTS platform. Recently, Mr. Wen Liu has been leading the development work of another re-useable asset named iTranS (IBM Transcription Server). iTranS provides enterprise-level speech cloud platform and has been widely deployed in several big customer sites of different industries from different countries, including security company, call center and media company.

Mr. Wen Liu’s work not only generated significant business impact but also a sound social impact, for example, a speech-enabled accessibility solution to help aged people efficiently browse INTERNET has been deployed in the official website of Shanghai 2010 Expo. As an active inventor, Mr. Wen Liu owned 7 patents in speech technology area. Mr. Wen Liu is leveraging his expertise to demonstrate how people’s life is changed by advanced IT solutions.