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Research Staff Member,
China Research Laboratory, Beijing, China


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  IEEE Communications Society  |  IEEE, Senior Member


Dr. Qing Wang is a Research Staff Member of IBM Research China. She joined IBM in 2004 after obtaining Ph.D from School of EEE , Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2003.  Her current research fields include computer vision with deep learning, machine learning, statistical signal processing for wireless systems, system acceleration, spectrum optimization,etc. During 2011-2015, she was the Research Manager of Advanced Wireless Technology group, in which she led the WiMAX system design on general CPUs, such as X86 and POWER. Currently, she is the key contributor  to build a deep learning platform based on cloud  and also to develop some image processing models with OpenCV.   She is skillful on deep neural network, statistical analysis, system acceleration for Power, X86 and Cell Broadband Engine. She is also familiar with embedded system development. She has rich engineering experiences through projects with China major enterprises. She has published over 30 papers, 2 book chapters, and about 20 patents filed. She is an IEEE Senior Member and severs for several conferences as technical member.

From 2015, She have worked on Cognitive Computing, especially on computer vision using deep neural networks. She is a technical leader in AI Vision project. Her research fields touched the following domain:

  • AI Vision--a customized deep learning platform based on cloud. Now it's the part of IBM POWER AI.
  • Object detection--enabling the customized object detection service based on Faster RCNN framework on AI vision and very familiar with the main frameworks on object detection--YoLo, SSD, FCN, etc.
  • Video Analysis--analyzing the video content using multimodal learning
  • Medical Image Processing--for aided pathology diagnosis
  • Image classification
  • Scene Text recognition
  • Image segmentation