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Academy of Technology LogoTechnical Specialist, Cloud Portfolio Solutions (Db2, Analytics, Compliance, Security), IBM Academy / TEC DACH, Distinguished IT Specialist (The Open Group)


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Professional Associations:  German Society for Computer Science (Gesellschaft fuer Informatik, GI)


Award-winning speaker and blogger, experienced and pragmatic IT professional with a focus on data management, security and compliance.

I am a self-driven evangelist / developer & client advocate / software developer, proven team lead and development manager, with customer insight in the Data/Analytics/Cloud sector and related technologies, currently with a focus on cloud, data, security and compliance topics. Certified by The Open Group as Distinguished IT Specialist in June 2014, member of IBM IBM Academy of Technology and the TEC CR (IBM Academy affiliate for DACH).

I am used to speak to both decision makers and technical personnel, ranging from small to large (hundreds+) audiences. I operate in international teams, support situations in different international cultures, and need to adapt to customer requirements and technology changes. I lead or help to shape solutions, to satisfy business requirements, to bring missing functionality into products, and to get things done.

In my spare time I lecture students at a Cooperative State University to keep in touch with the next generation of engineers. I am active as counselor and focal point for a support group of parents with epileptic children.

Read my blog at https://blog.4loeser.net and follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/data_henrik
. I am answering questions on Stack Overflow.

Specialties: database systems, Cloud Foundry, IBM Cloud, XML, Db2, Information Management, database consulting, compliance, privacy, security, teaching, presenting, team leadership, people management, project leadership, communication, intercultural awareness, counseling