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Advisory Software Scientist, CPLEX Optimizer


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About me :

I am working for IBM as part of the research and development team of the CPLEX Optimizer. My career has mainly been focusing on developing fast and efficient algorithms for solving linear and integer problems. Finding solutions to complicated problems is what I do best. I have an in depth knowledge about different programming languages and advanced software tools.

Previous to joining IBM in 2015 I founded and developed a one man startup delivering high performance optimization software.

Presentations :

I have presented at numerous conferences including :

  • "Sulum Optimization - Optimization for Servers and Cloud Computing at Competitive Prices" INFORMS Conference On Business Analyics and Operations Research San Antonio 2014.
  • "Optimization for Servers and Cloud Computing at Competitive Prices" INFORMS Annual Conference Minneapolis 2013.
  • "Exploiting Degeneracy in Sulum MIP optimizer" INFORMS Annual Conference Minneapolis 2013.
  • "Doing a startup in OR" OR DAY Aarhus 2013.
  • "Solving linear optimization problems with MOSEK - a progress report" INFORMS Annual Conference San Diego 2009.
  • "A Case Study: How to Speed Up the Simplex Algorithms on Problems Minimizing L1 and Linf Norms." INFORMS Annual Conference Washington 2008.
  • "Exploiting Problem Structure in the MOSEK simplex optimizers" INFORMS Annual Conference Seattle 2007.
  • "What's new in MOSEK" INFORMS Annual Conference Seattle 2007.
  • "Solving Linear Problems with MOSEK 6" INFORMS Annual Conference Pittsburg 2006.
  • "Solving Linear Problems with MOSEK 5" INFORMS Annual Conference San Francisco 2005.
  • "Solving Large Scale Linear Network Flow problems with MOSEK" INFORMS Annual Conference Denver 2004.

Previous Employment :

  • 2015-present IBM, Advisory Software Scientist, CPLEX Optimizer.
  • 2010-2015 Sulum Optimization, CEO and founder.
  • 2003-2010 MOSEK ApS , Mathematical Software Developer.

IBM Awards :

  • May 2017, CrushIT, Team Delivery Excellence Award.