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Researcher - CPLEX CP Optimizer


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I work in different fields of mathematical optimization and I like to focus on simple solutions and to work across abstraction levels, from geometry to algorithm and to implementation or application. I currently work in the CPLEX CP Optimizer group at IBM France Lab.

Research interests

I have been working on the theory of linear and integer programming, with results on the diameter of polytopes, and on approaches to lattice basis reduction and the closest vector problem.

I focused during my PhD on constraint programming and scheduling, more specifically on cumulative scheduling with two main results, one on cumulative strengthening (similar to cut generation for the cumulative constraint) and another one on reducing the algorithmic complexity of the Energy Reasoning propagator.
These algorithms have been implemented in IBM ILOG CPLEX CP Optimizer.

Prizes and awards

2016: ROADEF [French Operations Research Society] Young Researcher Award, 2nd prize.