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STSM, Optimization Technology. CP Optimizer Development Manager
IBM, Arteparc Batiment C, 965 Avenue de Roumanille, 06410 Biot. FRANCE



At IBM, I head up constraint programming development, a technology for the resolution of complex highly combinatorial problems, in CP Optimizer, the CP solver of CPLEX Optimization Studio. My product focus is on product innovation, speed, quality and robustness. I have over twenty years of experience in combinatorial optimization. My technical interests vary over many aspects of science and technology. Specialties: Constraint programming, combinatorial optimization, local search and meta-heuristics, vehicle routing, packing.


Conference activity

PC Member at:

CP 2021, CPAIOR 2020, AAAI 2019, CP 2019, CPAIOR 2018, CP 2018, CP 2017, CP 2016, CPAIOR 2016, CPAIOR 2015, CP 2014, CP 2013,

CPAIOR 2013, TRICS 2013, CP 2012, CP 2011, CPAIOR 2011, CPAIOR 2010, CP 2009


Invited talks

CPAIOR 2018, Masterclass in Hybrid Methods 2018, Dutch OR Society 2014, CPAIOR 2009, CP 2007, CPAIOR 2005



Best of IBM, 2011 - Awarded each year to around 0.1% of IBMers for technical contributions