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IBM Data Science Elite - Principle Decision Scientist & Program Director EMEA
Biot, France


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Professional Associations:  IBM Academy of Technology


Susara uses maths & engineering to make the world a better place.  She builds, leads & grows teams that help people and businesses be more efficient, save time, manage resources better, or even make better environmental choices.  Her career has spanned many industries: from helping a beer producer create a better supply chain, to ensuring fair allocation of bandwidth to telecom providers, to helping energy companies create sustainable production.  A major highlight for her was being part of building the Smarter Cities Technology Center at IBM Research Ireland, where she and her team focused on a single goal: make cities a better place to live.  Later, she brought her research innovations to market, as offering management lead for the IBM Decision Optimization portfolio.  Today, she continues her path as Principle Data Scientist and Program Director of the IBM Data Science Elite (DSE) team.  She loves the dynamic and multi-cultural DSE environment, sharing knowledge, continuously learning and innovating, and most importantly: focusing on improving the world around us by leveraging expertise in mathematics, combined with the latest technology. Susara holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.  She has filed a number of patents, published in peer-reviewed journals, received a Research Division award for her work on Smarter Cities, and is an OpenGroup-certified Distinguished Data Scientist.