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Researcher in Optimization, Control, and Signal Processing
Ireland Research Lab, Dublin, Ireland



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Research interests

  • Convex and non-convex optimization: both from a theoretical perspective and algorithmic implementation. Recent works include prediction-correction algorithms to track the solution trajectory of time-varying convex programs. Older works include networked SDP convex relaxations of certain classes of non-convex programs.
  • Distributed optimization, especially in connection with robotic and wireless sensor networks.
  • Control theory in the context of distributed control design, model predictive control, embedded control systems.
  • Signal processing: distributed estimation, sparse reconstructions, compressive sensing, wireless sensor network localization, sensor selection, graph signal processing.
  • Parallel computing in the context of nonlinear estimation and specifically particle filtering.



  • Recent: smart grids, IoT in smart transportation, air traffic management.
  • Less recent: robotics, medical device design.


For more info you can check my website [here], which is updated quite regularly.



  • PhD in systems and control, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, 2012.
  • M.Sc. in aerospace enginering, Politecnico di Milano and Torino, Italy, 2008.
  • Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP) diploma, 2008.


Professional experience

  • Feb 2017- now: Research staff member at IBM Research Ireland (optimization and control group).
  • March 2016- January 2017: Postdoctoral scholar at Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium (applied mathematics department).
  • January 2013- Feb 2016: Postdoctoral scholar at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands (signal processing department).
  • Short academic visits: Carnegie Mellon University, PA, USA (2007 and 2008); KTH, Sweden (2011); University of Pennsylvania, PA, USA (2015).



  • DISC PhD Thesis award. Best PhD Thesis in system and control theory in the Netherlands at a given year, 2013.
  • Politecnico di Milano Gold medal for the best student in space engineering at a given year, 2008.
  • Honorable mention at 33rd International Physics Olympiad (IPhO), 2002.