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IBM Research Laboratory, UK


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Professional Associations:  Society of Chemical Industry (SOCI)


Dr Breanndan O Conchuir obtained a PhD in Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge in 2015. This dissertation focused on applying modern statistical mechanics to describe transport, mechanical response and thermal properties in various soft matter systems relevant for new sustainable technologies. During this time, Breanndan published seven peer-reviewed publications in high level journals and gave talks at six international conferences in the U.K., U.S.A., Italy and Germany. He was awarded twelve scholarships and awards during his academic career.

He worked as an industrial postdoctoral researcher at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg for two years. Funded by Bayer A.G., Breanndan managed two industrial projects modelling the aggregation of biomolecules in shear flows as well as the ageing of weakly bound colloidal gels. He also led an academic study into the assembly of functionalised nanoparticles.

Breanndan took up the position of Research Staff Member in the chemistry group of IBM Research U.K. in 2017, where he leads research programmes in the areas of formulation rheology, surface science and carbon capture. These projects explore the interface between data-driven methods and particle-based chemical simulations on HPC IBM power-based supercomputers.

CV: files/ibm-Breanndan.Conchuir/CV_July_2020.pdf