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Research Software Engineer
Brazil Research Lab, Brazil



I am a Research Software Engineer committed to bringing state of the art AI solutions to industry problems. During my undergraduate studies, I got captivated by one question: how your world is going to be shaped by the next advancements in artificial intelligence?  I don’t want to watch the answer to this question; I want to be part of it.


I graduated as a Computer Scientist and during the last semesters of this course, I created a framework that allowed Probabilistic Graphical Model’s inference and learning to be run in a distributed setting, as my final project as an undergraduate student. Since then, I was sure that the future of Artificial Intelligence, would be distributed and not bounded by geography. At the time of my master's degree, I wrote my thesis about leveraging FrameNet, an online linguistic resource. Through data augmentation, I expanded FrameNet to improve semantic parsing methods available in the literature, because I believe that we have a long and exciting path to follow to make machines understand natural language.


Currently, I work at IBM Research Brazil in projects that apply Machine Learning techniques to the oil and gas industry. I also collaborate in projects that bring Knowledge representation and reasoning to the natural resources industry.