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Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Gaddi Blumrosen joined the sensing group at the Computational Biology Center (CBC) at IBM in 2016. His goal is to incorporate his expertise in signal processing, communication, and machine learning from academia and industry, to achieve a better health care and well being for elderly population. In particular he shows interests in enhancing the analytics quality of Parkinson disease, as part of the BlueSky Project, in collboration of IBM and Pfizer (

Prior to IBM, Gaddi assesed facial expression gestures in NYU, Computional Neuroscience department (Prof. Bijan Pesaran, 2015-2016). Before this (2014) he was a visiting scientist at Harvard MGH (Prof. Martin Yarmush and Dr. Alexander Golberg group), where he improved the analysis methods used in electroporation, a technique using electrical currents for assertion of drugs in cells. Before this (2012-2014) he did a post doc in Tel aviv University (group of Prof. Nathan Intrator) in collboration of zoology and physical therpy departments, where he tried to asses different activities in sonar and Kinect, showed feasibility of this techniques, and ways to solve ambiguities, explored bio-sonar, and developed audio analysis techniques for animal vocal analysis.

In his PhD (2007-2011), he focused on wearable sensing modalities like accelerometers and gyroscopes, for motion analysis. He also investigated different non-wearable sensing modalities based on RSSI and RADAR, for detection of tremor, gait pattern, and early detection of bleeding.

Prior to that, he was working for 6 years after accumulating a degree in electrical engineering degree from Israel Institute of Technology (Technicon) in the industry in leading companies in the field of wireless communication and audioanalsyis, where he designed and implemented advanced algorithms. This background helped him in later stages of his academic research by giving him tools in electro-magnetic signals analysis for the use in medical analysis.


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Gaddi Blumrosen


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