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Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  AISES  |  IEEE   |  USENIX: The Advanced Computing Systems Association

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I'm currently working with Ashish Kundu and Arjun Natarajan on governance and inferable privacy for complex data ecosystems, namely Watson Knowledge Catalog. My research interests include deep learning with graphs and hypergraphs, information security and privacy, and quantum computing. My personal interests are outdoor adventuring, music, and building things that have an important, tangible impact.


Research Intern, IBM Research (Summer 2019)

Investigating data governance and deep learning on graphs and hypergraphs. Proposing techniques for inferable privacy, namely adversarial query models, embedding and learning with hyperedges for inference vulnerabilities, and vertex correlation models. 

Research Intern, IBM Research (Summer 2018)

Studied digital identity and its implications for security and compliance. Proposed graph-based deep learning techniques for fraud detection and identity correlation, and built a microservices-based identity broker to bring it together.

Founding R&D Member, Marlin Labs (Spring 2018)

Prototyped an initial decentralized content delivery network on Ethereum (demo). Presented and demoed work to 300+ people. I stepped back as I joined IBM Research. The company went on to recently raise a $3MM round from Binance (article).

Founder, Apfyt (2017-2018)

Apfyt is a platform that seeks to bring smart transactions to brick-and-mortar businesses and their customers by allowing to connect at point-of-sale via scannable codes on receipts. This venture was backed by Praxis Labs, where I was an Emerging Founder.


Stanford University

M.S., Computer Science '21

Stanford University

B.S., Mathematical and Computational Science (honors) '20