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Professional Associations:  ACM SIGSOFT


Lee Martie works at the intersection between software engineering, artificial intelligence, and user-centered design. He investigates the needs of users and supports them by creating new algorithms and software features for search engines, recommendation systems, and other tools. Currently, his focus is on studying AI from a software engineering perspective. Previously, he researched new search engines for programmers and developed environments for creating game playing agents that could perform meta-reasoning to improve their strategy.


Selected Projects


Lee Martie, André van der Hoek, and Thomas Kwak

Investigates using the similarity of a code result to create the next query.




Lee Martie, Thomas D. LaToza, and André van der Hoek

Investigates using aspects and qualities of code results to create the next query.




Lee Martie and André van der Hoek

Develops new measures for diversity and conciseness of source code.



45 Raspberry Pis

Lee Martie and Thomas Kwak

Created a loosely coupled cluster of 45 Raspberry Pis to increase throughput for faster mining of GitHub.


Trendy Bugs

Lee Martie, Vijay Krishna Palepu, Hitesh Sajnani, and Cristina Lopes

Provides a method for understanding what bugs are important to the developer community over time.




Spencer Rugaber, Ashok K. Goel, and Lee Martie

Investigates using meta-reasoning for adapting game playing strategy.