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Postdoctoral Researcher
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA



Postdoctoral Research Scientist
8/2017 - Present

Supramolecular design to improve and resolve clients’ need for new materials.

PhD Graduate Research- Univeristy of California, Riverside

Jul 2012 – Jun 2017

The ability to convert feedstock chemicals into more complex structures is of rising interest in synthetic chemistry. The search for more sustainable and efficient chemical processes in the catalysis of C-H bond oxidation has been a focus of our research. The challenge with regioselective hydrocarbon oxidation is to specifically target a single C-H bond in the presence of similar C-H bonds. A number of strategies exist for providing selective C-H bond activation using electronic or steric bias, as well as using intramolecular directing groups. However, none used regioselective oxidation. For example, most steroid molecules have 13 or more carbon atoms, many of which are equivalent in hybridization and polarity. Without a complex metal catalyst for regioselective oxidation, it is challenging to oxidize specific C-H bonds without destroying the entire molecule.