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Research Staff, IBM Research-Almaden
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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I joined IBM Research - Almaden in January 2017. My area of research is Conversation Analysis (CA) -- the description of the competencies that ordinary speakers use and rely on to participate in intelligible, socially organized interaction. I am using CA to develop analytics for human-human and human-machine conversational interaction. My Meeting Analytics project analyzes multi-party gatherings for the actions being produced during the conversation, the organizing structure of the activity, and the knowledge being shared. The goal of this research is to impact the meeting productivity, facilitate group collaboration, and close the management-field gap.  In addition, I closely collaborate with Robert J. Moore to engage in Conversational UX Design, using Watson Conversation to build chatbot systems for mobile travel apps, analytics dashboard queries and engaging personality experiences like with the Sheldon archetype character from Big Bang Theory.