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Technologist | IBM Senior Inventor



The Open Group Master Certified Technical Specialist, IBM Certified Technical Specialist, and IBM Certified Manager/Service Manager, with 8+ years of enterprise-level experience in IT in CEE and MEA regions. Able to provide technical and business leadership, and to consult client executives. Capable to build and develop a strategic network of contacts with key roles and stakeholders. Studied communication and body language for 7+ years, passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Solutions.

IBM Senior Inventor with patents in the fields of AI & Cognitive Technologies, Brain-Computer Interface, Cloud, Internet of Things & Network, NLU/P, Security, Storage, Speech-To-Text technology, Semantic/Text Analytics, and Virtual Assistants. Member of the Eastern Europe Invention Development Team Board for the evaluation of the IBM patent applications. Relentlessly exploring emerging technologies to generate ideas and responsibly influence innovation.