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Software Engineering Researcher
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA




I am a Software Engineering Researcher at IBM Research Labs in Almaden, my research and development work is focused towards finding innovative solutions to problems using Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Mobile, Cloud & Big Data Technologies.

I have worked on large scale  Anomaly Detection Project to help scale performance of the system, by deploying an end-to-end data pipeline to integrate with different big data systems. I have also developed an On-boarding Mobile Application which helps employees connect better at workplace.

Prior joining IBM, my professional background was focused on building applications and services for Healthcare, Financial and Logistic domain using Mainframe and Java Technologies.

I received my MS in Software Engineering (specializing in Cloud and Mobile Computing) from San Jose State University and was supervised by Dr. Divyesh Jadav. I developed an iOS Mobile App called CENSE - A Cognitive Navigation System for People with Special Needs which uses BLE beacons to provide assistance to people with special needs navigate through the Public Transportation with ease.