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Brenda de Souza Ferrari is a Research Intern at the IBM Research center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She recently joined the Industrial Technology and Science group, led by Dr. Mathias Steiner.

Brenda holds a Licentiate degree in Chemistry from the Federal Institute of Espirito Santo (IFES), a Masters in Chemistry  from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) with focus on the synthesis and development of new drugs for HIV treatment. Now, she is persuing a PhD in Chemistry with focus on the design of selective furin inhibitors as broad-spectrum antivirals, using Molecular Modeling and Data Science techniques.

Brenda's current research at the Industrial Technology and Science group focuses on the field of carbon capture, aiming to enhance CO2 separation and sequestration in the nanoscale. Her main research areas of interest include Computational Modeling, Data Science and Organic Chemistry.