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Research Staff Member
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



2018-2020: Hybrid Cloud
- HPC enablement (high-performance computing => high-performance cloud)
- Integration of jitter mitigation techniques
- Code/application containerization
- Design and development of job management tools for containerized cloud environments
- Performance and scalability evaluation and optimization
- Service mesh performance and features (Istio/Envoy)

2017-2018: CORAL (Summit and Sierra supercomputers)
- Code performance analysis and optimization
- Jitter mitigation (design and development of techniques)
- System acceptance and delivery: testing framework

2016-2017: PathForward (DoE / Exascale Computing project)
- Design and development of heterogeneous frameworks
- Enablement of future systems technologies

2015-2016: DesignForward 2 (DoE project)
- Modeling and simulation of POWER systems using Mambo simulator
- Performance analysis and estimates for large-scale supercomputers (APEX, Exascale)
- Scientific workflow analysis and characterization (APEX Workflows)
- Analysis of GPU performance and development of characterization and visualization tools