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Research Scientist
Ireland Research Lab, Dublin, Ireland



Dr. Amadou Ba is a research scientist and principal investigator at IBM Research - Ireland. In this capacity, he investigates, develops, and scales cutting edge technologies in the realm of AI with applications spanning several vertical markets. His prime research interest is at the confluence of control theory, machine learning, signal processing, and online monitoring. Amadou Ba is an AI aficionado, and an adept at tackling complex problems – through AI – pertaining to various and disparate industries: Aeronautics, Buildings, Energy and Utilities, Oil and Gas, Retail, Water and Environment, and is currently delving into Manufacturing with specific consideration for augmented reality, digital twin, and predictive maintenance at large.

Dr. Amadou Ba has authored a number of research papers published by top conference venues/high impact refereed journals, and has filed/issued several US patents. Amadou Ba’s prior roles at IBM Research - Ireland encompass TA to the Director, Global Technology Outlook Lead, IBM Research - Ireland ThinkLab Lead, and Cognitive Internet of Things Strategist. His distinctions include several manager choice awards, invention achievement awards, IBM Research's top talents employees program, and 2014 Global Young Scientist. Amadou Ba is frequently invited as a keynote speaker at various academic/business events, and is a regular reviewer for the world-renowned AI conferences.

Dr. Amadou Ba holds an M.S. in Robotics and Machine Intelligence, and a Ph.D. in Control Theory and Signal Processing from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers de Paris, France.

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