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Research Staff Member
Ireland Research Lab, Dublin, Ireland



Debasis Ganguly is a researcher at IBM Research Lab, Dublin, Ireland. He completed his PhD and postdoctoral research from the ADAPT centre, Dublin City University.

His research interests primarily include incorporating term relationships, including the use of topic models and word/document vector embeddings, into retrieval and feedback models for improving search effectiveness. He is also interested in cross-language and multilingual document search, a particular example of which is the case of retrieving relevant information from a collection of code mixed documents.

He serves as the program committee member of conferences, such as, SIGIR, CIKM, WWW, HLT-NAACL, NLDB etc. He is also actively engaged in organizing workshops on recent topics in information retrieval and natural language processing.

As a researcher, he is keen to commercialize his research with industry partnerships. In the past, he was actively involved in managing academia-industry partnership projects.